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Covestro is a world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials: innovative, sustainable and diverse

About Covestro

Covestro is world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials: innovative, sustainable and diverse.

Thanks to our global presence and close proximity to our customers, we are the partner of choice for a wide variety of industries. Our products and application solutions are used in many areas of modern life.

In the line of our vision “To make the world a brighter place”, we work on solutions to the challenges of our time to push the boundaries of what is possible.

We help make cars lighter so they save fuel. Our insulation systems protect buildings against the heat and cold to reduce energy consumption. In entertainment electronics, our products support functionality, safety and sleek design.

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 United States
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Plastics Polymers Adhesives Coatings Construction and building materials
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Large Enterprise
Leverkusen, Germany

Technology Calls (7)

We are seeking solutions to reduce the exchange of cell gasses in rigid PIR/PUR foams that results in loss of insulation performance over time.We are looking for solutions to contain an aged k-factor increase no greater than 5% (vs. initial). When rigid foams are manufactured, a PUR or PIR matrix i[…]

We are seeking approaches to forming a char layer during the combustion of polyisocyanurate foams that will pass demanding flammability tests such as NFPA 285 or NFPA 286. Current approaches produce a char that forms too slowly or lacks the physical integrity and strength to remain intact and protec[…]

This challenge seeks to define and demonstrate the feasibility of a compounded polycarbonate (PC) resin with no halogen content, but able to pass standard UL-94 fire resistance tests at V-0 for parts 1-1.5 mm in thickness, and 5VA for parts 3mm or lower. The solution may relate to a modification of […]

There is interest in reducing the thermal conductivity of rigid polyurethane (PUR) foams by reducing the cell diameter from 80 - 100 microns to about 50 microns. Depending on the solution, we would also be willing to consider licensing, tech cooperation, or partner funded project.[…]

The challenge is to develop Polycarbonte (PC) or PC blends with improved weatherability that will be colorfast in a cost effective manner. Weatherability will be checked using standard accelerated aging tests. Depending on the solution, we would also be willing to consider licensing, tech cooperati[…]

Current concentration and desalination technologies are energy intensive, sensitive to organic contamination, and in general, not cost efficient. We solicit proposals for the efficient concentration and desalination of recycled brine, including the removal of organic contaminants. Depending on th[…]

Current technologies for chlorine purification involve energy intensive processes like condensation. Proposals for the efficient purification of Cl2 are requested. These proposals are sought to include economically viable, potentially scalable technologies that help reduce the energy consumption o[…]

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